Deputy Premier Carvin Malone announced Thursday evening that the Caribbean Public Health Agency confirmed an eighth case of Covid-19 in the Virgin Islands. The case is now the only active one in the territory.

“Case number eight had been kept under quarantine as a close contact of a previously announced case, and has exhibited only mild symptoms of the disease,” said Mr. Malone, who is also the minister of health and social development. “I am pleased to report that the primary case has now been declared fully recovered.”

CARPHA processed 22 new samples this week, and one came back positive, he said. The findings were consistent with local lab results.

The most recent batch of tests brings the total number of VI residents tested to 157. Of the seven other people diagnosed with the coronavirus, six have recovered and one died.

Mr. Malone took the opportunity to remind those residing in the territory to remain vigilant in working to slow the spread of the coronavirus. These include frequent hand washing, remaining six feet apart from others and wearing a face mask when in close proximity.

“As you go about your daily activities of life and put arrangements in place to welcome relatives home during our phased reopening of the territory’s border, this is not the time to become complacent,” he said.

Government will announce details for making arrangements to bring relatives home shortly.

Anyone experiencing symptoms such as fever and difficulty breathing can contact the medical hotline at 852-7650.