Police ordered four dogs to be euthanised over the weekend following several “vicious attacks” that injured people or livestock, they said.

In the latest incident, a dog entered a property at Pleasant Valley on Saturday and bit the property owner’s guest on the foot, according to police. The property owner reported that the unregistered dog had been on his property in the past and had been seen unleashed elsewhere in the neighbourhood, police said.

The dog’s owner — who police did not name — was subsequently reported for having an unregistered dog and warned of prosecution in relation to the victim’s injuries, according to police.

Sea Cows Bay

Three other unregistered dogs, whose owner lives in Sea Cows Bay, had previously attacked and injured tenants residing on the owner’s property in addition to killing livestock in the area, according to police. “The [police force] is reminding dog owners of this undesirable outcome should dangerous animals be allowed to roam the neighbourhood freely and without restraint,” police stated.

Laws governing animal ownership include the Pounds and Livestock Brands Act of 2004 which makes provision for any animal found straying in a public place or trespassing on private land to be captured and impounded.

In addition, the Dogs Prevention of Injury to Persons Livestock and Poultry Act of 2001 empowers officers to destroy any dangerous dog, either by shooting it or putting it down “in some other manner which will cause as little pain as possible,” police said.

They also urged dog owners to register their dogs with the Department of Agriculture and attach the registration tags to their dog’s collar.