When I tout how wonderful the beautiful Virgin Islands are to my friends back in the United States, I tell them about the lovely beaches, the crystal clear water, and the terrific yachting industry with excellent sailing and quiet anchorages. I tell them about the wonderful, friendly people and the nice small hotels and villas to stay in.

I wisely skip over the increasing crime rate and the derelict vehicles and boats that are left strewn about in people’s yards. (The government states that it can do nothing about these eyesores because they are left on private property. I say that is nonsense. Pass a law that requires their removal.)

Now when I tell people about the VI, I can add that soon we might have a beautiful “drag strip” for racing.

Come on, folks: Do you really want to attract high-end tourist dollars to these islands or not? You have already spent $96,000 in tax dollars on a feasibility study, and that is just the beginning.

I say if you really want to attract high-end tourist dollars, do what St. Kitts and Nevis has done. Allow a golf course to be built at absolutely no cost to the people. With today’s green technology, you can build an environmentally friendly golf course with no pollution whatsoever. You can contain all the runoff onsite without a drop flowing into Hans Creek.

Okay, it is time for election candidates to take a stand on this issue: Are you in favor of a “drag strip” or not?