The East End Police Station reopened Friday after a two-week closure caused by sewage works in the parking lot adjacent to the facility, police announced last week.

According to a police announcement on April 19, the closure was necessary because the sewage works “affected the health and well-being of our officers and necessitated the immediate evacuation of the premises.”

Though the building was closed, police assured East End residents that law-enforcement services in the area remained operational at the time.

“Officers will continue patrolling the district, ensuring the safety and security of the community,” the Police Information Office stated on April 19, adding that officers could be contacted at368-9704 for immediate response to reports. “We apologise for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding during this time.”

The reopening announcement, which was issued last Thursday, stated that the East End area will “continue to be patrolled” around the clock seven days a week.