Premier Dr. Orlando Smith announced Thursday that he will ask Governor John Duncan to dissolve the House of Assembly tomorrow, which would mean that elections will be held sometime between 28 days and two months after the announcement, as per the Virgin Islands Constitution.

The announcement comes in the wake of speculation that the National Democratic Party government would hold early elections instead of waiting until later in the year or early 2016.

The NDP has publicly announced all its candidates except the nominees for districts Three and Nine.

All the incumbents will run, and it was recently announced that Shaina Smith and Melvin Mitch Turnbull will contest for districts One and Two, respectively.

The Virgin Islands Party has announced seven of its nine district candidates, and will soon announce its four territorial candidates, according to a recent press release.

People’s Empowerment Party Chairman Alvin Christopher announced last week on ZBVI Radio that his party will announce a full slate of candidates soon.