Governor Gus Jaspert and Registrar General Stephanie Benn pose with the 11 newest recipients of British citizenship. (Photo: GIS)

Eleven people were registered as British citizens on Tuesday after having been previously naturalised as British overseas territory citizens.

During a ceremony at Government House, the new citizens accepted their certificates and recited the Oath of Allegiance to the Queen and the Pledge of Loyalty to the United Kingdom.

Governor Gus Jaspert congratulated the citizens and stressed the importance of the freedoms and responsibilities of being British.

“By reaching and obtaining British citizenship you have exercised the right you enjoy as British overseas territory citizens under the 2002 legislation,” he said, adding, “Though a right, it is nonetheless an important decision you have taken to seek British citizenship by registration, and it is proper that the fulfilment of that process be marked in a formal way.”

Registrar General Stephanie Benn, who chaired the ceremony, congratulated the new citizens on their achievement, urging them to treat their certificates with special care.

British citizens have the right to live and work in the UK or any other European Union country, and may travel to the United States under a visa- waiver programme.

British citizenship was extended to all BOT citizens as a result of the BOT Act of 2002. Under the law, BOT citizens do not automatically become British citizens but are eligible to register as such.

“I congratulate you all on having persevered with the process and for having demonstrated your allegiance to the United Kingdom, as well as to your home in the Virgin Islands,” the governor added.


Clifford Daniel
Paulette Marciana Cruz David
Sydney Augustus Dougan
Marcos Edgardo Nisbett Faulkner
Anthony Jr. Shacoy Tywon Glasgow
Aracelis Hatchett
Ronia Anetia Brown Jack
Cindy Samantha Williams-Joseph
Davina Lettsome
Frank Sandy Providence
Connillia Jamie Williams