“The higher the money you pay, the lower the dancer goes to the floor,” Trefor Grant joked.

The emcee was trying to up the bids during the Dancing with the Stars fundraiser on Friday night at Government House, where attendees had to pay to dance with the “star” of their choice.

They had several choices: The lineup included Delma Maduro, Sarah Penney, Xandra Adamson, Governor Boyd McCleary, Damian Grange, Fay Baron and Amanda Downing.

One by one, participants bid to dance with the volunteers; by the end of the evening, the stage was full.

Overall, the evening was a success, said Janet Parsons, the treasurer of the Tortola Ladies Club, which organised the event. Last year the fundraiser pulled in $5,000 for the Family Support Network; this year organisers hoped to double that amount, Ms. Parsons said.

“But we made $20,000, which is double what we aimed for. That was excellent,” she added. “We thought the event went well.”


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