Foot care, medication management, and mental health were among the topics covered by a panel of healthcare experts during the Living Well with Type II Diabetes Expo on Nov. 17 at the St. Mary’s Church Hall on Virgin Gorda.

The BVI Health Services Authority organised the evening session — which was also available virtually to residents on other islands — both for people with type two diabetes and for others who wished to learn ways to reduce their risk of develop- ing the disease.

Several speakers took the podium during a series of interactive presentations that incorporated techniques designed to engage attendees, including multiple-choice questions and discussions of case studies.

BVIHSA Medical Officer Dr. Shana Kay Fraser explained how to define diabetes and identify its early signs and symptoms. She also stressed the importance of early action in preventing the disease.

Mental health therapist Kya Huggins McKenzie spoke about tools for managing stress, among other topics.

Dr. Calisa Cruickshank offered tips for blood sugar testing, such as where to inject insulin, how to use a blood sugar monitor, and how to treat hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia.

Dr. Jamal Wintz, a clinical pharmacist at the BVIHSA, explained diabetes medication. Resident nutritionist Anthonia Mathews taught attendees how to count carbohydrates and offered tips to help diabetics balance their diet to control their blood sugar.

Later, attendees got on their feet for some physical activity with Raynecia Simmons of Razor Fitness.

Attendees received raffle tickets at the door for a prize-giving at the end of the expo. Free informational handouts were distributed as well.

The expo also included blood sugar and blood pressure screening, a mental health station, and a nutrition centre.

Attendees thanked the BVIHSA for organising the event.