The former Facilities Management Unit has been upgraded to a “full-fledged department” as part of the ongoing Public Service Transformation Programme, government announced this month.

Communications and Works Minister Kye Rymer explained that Cabinet recently accepted his ministry’s Re-organisation Plan 2018 as part of the programme, according to Government Information Services.

“This is in line with the government’s objective to streamline services to drive efficiency and effectiveness, while focusing on service delivery to customers,” stated a May 9 GIS press release.

Mr. Rymer described multiple objectives of the restructuring:

• increasing accountability in the processing of building and vehicle maintenance;
• implementing preventive maintenance practices in order to exceed the expected life cycles of government facilities;
• enhancing maintenance management processes;
• reviewing custodial services; and
• re-organising security and custodial work to ensure adequate coverage and productivity.

Admin building

Arriel Donovan, director of the new Department of Facilities Management, said the unit was established in 1994 for the sole purpose of managing the upkeep and security of the Central Administration Complex, which is now known as the Ralph T. O’Neal Administration Complex.

Mr. Donovan said the damage to the complex caused by hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017 led to the relocation of ministries and departments and expanded the unit’s role.

“The department maintains and secures most government-owned and -leased properties,” he said. “Other additional responsibilities include the government’s vehicle fleet management; the courier and chauffeur service; and the City Park and Ride Shuttle Service.”

The department is also responsible for establishing and enforcing safety guidelines and procedures in compliance with building and safety legislation, according to GIS.