In the House of Assembly sitting on July 31, Premier Andrew Fahie answered various questions related to the auditor general’s report on the Elmore Stoutt High School wall, road traffic violations, and the Jost Van Dyke ferry terminal.

Relating to the ESHS wall report, Mr. Fahie said in response to questions from Third District Representative Julian Fraser that because the matter was still under investigation, he could not comment.

He also would not say whether or not he would present the report to the House once it becomes available.


Mr. Fraser also pressed Mr. Fahie on various road traffic violations, including a preponderance of boats, container trailers and abandoned vehicles along road shoulders.

Mr. Fahie responded that his administration was doing everything in its power to notify violators to give them a chance to remove their vehicles from the side of the road.

Messrs. Fahie and Fraser then briefly sparred over whether the issue fell under the premier’s purview, with Mr. Fahie urging residents to call the police or the Department of Waste Management before turning to him.

JVD terminal

Mr. Fahie also said in response to questions from Second District Representative Mitch Turnbull that the BVI Ports Authority was soliciting proposals for the modular structure to rebuild the Jost Van Dyke ferry terminal with the hopes of placing the order before the end of August and installing it during the last quarter of the year.

He also said that the building, which houses customs, immigration, the police and the district officer, would be renamed in honour of the late Albert Chinnery before Dec. 1.