Many women network differently from men, Eleanor Morgan believes: Some don’t feel as comfortable being assertive or promoting themselves in a mixed-gender or male-dominated setting. That’s the main reason she and four other female financial services professionals in the Virgin Islands launched the Women’s Offshore Network, an industry networking group, last Thursday.


“There are some women who are fantastic at putting themselves forward and going for it. But there tends to be more women who find that harder,” said Ms. Morgan, a senior associate with the firm Mourant Ozannes. “And so it is about making sure they have those opportunities to learn things and to push themselves forward and to develop those relationships even if they might not be comfortable doing that in a more male-dominated environment.”

More than 80 women attended WON’s inaugural breakfast last Thursday morning at The Moorings. Ms. Morgan said that the group tries to include a diverse cross-section of the industry, allowing people from the different sub-sectors to mingle.

WON’s founders — Ms. Morgan; Sinead Harris of the law firm Forbes Hare; Claire Abrehart of Coverdale Trust Services; and Julie Engwirda of the law firm Walkers —plan to carry out a series of networking, social, and educational events over the next year, Ms. Morgan said.

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