A female hitchhiker and an accomplice on a motor scooter robbed a motorist at around 11:20 a.m. Friday on eastern Tortola, police said.

Shortly after the female victim stopped to pick up the hitchhiker in the area of Hodges Creek, the passenger asked the driver to let her out.

She then held an object to the driver’s back and robbed her of her belongings, according to the Police Information Office.

The passenger left the car and escaped on a motor scooter, which was travelling behind.

Police Commissioner Michael Matthews said that police were aware of the duo from information circulating on social media the day before the incident occurred, but no crime had been reported at the time.

“We appeal to those who may have originally circulated the information and may know more about this to come forward,” a police press release stated. “We also want to hear from anybody who may have been a victim already and not reported the matter to the force up until now.”

Anyone with information can contact the Criminal Investigations Department through the access number 311, or the Intelligence Unit at 368-9339.

All information presented will be held in strict confidence, the release stated.