Road Town ferry terminal
The $10 environmental levy is applied to non-cruise ship visitors. (Photo: AMANDA ULRICH)

The Road Town ferry terminal, which had been closed to the public since Hurricane Irma, reopened on Sunday.

After divers and contractors helped survey the territory’s port facilities following the storm, the terminal was deemed unusable for international travel, according to government.

As a result, services were temporarily relocated to the Tortola Pier Park tender dock for ferries travelling to and from the United States Virgin Islands.

Akeem Pickering, the acting managing director of the BVI Ports Authority, said the resumption of services at the Road Town terminal reflects the territory’s progress in the recovery effort.

“At BVI Ports we understand our responsibility to the territory to ensure that our facilities provide safe access to and from the Virgin Islands, particularly as it relates to our rebuilding efforts,” he said, adding, “We understand the importance of that facility supporting travel for both residents and tourists, and we will continue our work to ensure all facilities have been restored.”

During the repairs, he added, additional space was added to the international arrivals terminal as part of efforts to make the clearing process more efficient and comfortable.

“We wanted to address some concerns raised by residents and tourists about the general condition and comfort of the arrivals terminal,” Mr. Pickering said. “With the addition, we have been able to add a few more Immigration and Customs booths, so we anticipate the clearing process will be faster and the environment more comfortable for both travellers and officers at the Road Town jetty.”

Ferry services to the USVI from the TPP tender dock ended on Saturday, and all USVI ferries are now departing and returning from the Road Town terminal.

Travellers are asked to confirm ferry departure and arrival times with individual operators.

The BVIPA manages seven facilities throughout the territory.