A “wonderful programme” is being planned here to observe International Museum Day, according to Brenda Lettsome-Tye, deputy director of culture.

The day will be celebrated on Wednesday under the theme “Our History, Our Memory,” Ms. Lettsome-Tye said during a Tuesday press conference.

The observance is designed in part to promote the preservation of history, she explained.

On Wednesday, a short movie about the Virgin Islands, designed to take residents on “a trip down memory lane,” will be shown at U.P.’s Cineplex, according to Ms. Lettsome-Tye.

The movie features Jennie Wheatley, Reuben Vanterpool, Elmore Stoutt and Janice Blyden, who talk about VI life in times past.

There will also be a “Blind Tea Testing,” during which participants will test a variety of local teas and try to identify them.

This year, “instead of solely focusing on schools and students, we have opened it to the public,” Ms. Lettsome-Tye said.

All of the VI’s museums will be open on Wednesday, with several items and pictures on display.