The BVI Financial Services Commission will host at least three conferences for bankers and other industry stakeholders during 2024, according to its December newsletter.

The 41st Annual Conference of the Caribbean Group of Banking Supervisors will be held in the first half of the year, the newsletter stated.

“For the first time in 18 years, the commission announced its role as the host for this event, underscoring its commitment to advancing financial stability and regulatory cooperation in the region,” stated the newsletter, which didn’t provide a specific date for the conference.

The FSC also plans to host the Financial Stability Board Regional Consultative Group for the Americas Plenary Meeting from June 17-18.

The event follows the appointment of FSC Managing Director and CEO Kenneth Baker to serve a two-year term as non-FSB co-chair for the RCG Americas on July 1, 2023, according to the regulator.

Additionally, the commission will host the Group International Finance Centre Supervisors Plenary from Nov. 13-14.

This year will mark the first time the VI has hosted this plenary since being admitted as a member in 2008, the newsletter stated.

For the kids

The FSC is also continuing its efforts to promote financial literacy in the community through its Money Matters BVI programme.

This month, it is launching the fourth annual Piggy Bank Pageant competition for Virgin Islands students from kindergarten through sixth grade.

“As with previous years, the PBP has garnered approval from each of the local retail banks as an initiative which closely aligns with their goal to promote saving, inform of safe mechanisms for saving deposits, and encourage proper money management in the territory,” the FSC newsletter stated. “The unique student creations will be judged by bank officers, and the prizes will also be funded by the banks.”

Entries will go on display during Financial Literacy Month in April as part of the Money Matters BVI Piggy Bank Exhibition.

For more information, go to the Money Matters BVI Facebook page.