The Virgin Islands community mourned 55-year-old Matthew Daly after he was found dead from apparent gunshot wounds on Sept. 10. (Photo: PROVIDED)

Upon receiving reports of gunshots in Spring Ghut shortly after 1:30 p.m. last Thursday, police responded to the scene and found 55-year-old Matthew “Shorty” Daly dead with apparent gunshot wounds, police said last Thursday.

Asked Tuesday about developments in the case or leads on the perpetrator, Police Information Officer Akia Thomas responded, “Nothing new as yet.”

Ms. Thomas also said that she had not received the autopsy report and thus could not confirm the exact cause of death.

‘Great shock’

A footballer and businessman who used to work for Digicel, Mr. Daly was quickly mourned on social media.

A day after his passing, the BVI Football Association, where he had held advisory roles, wrote a lengthy Facebook post commemorating him.

“It is with great shock and sadness that the Old Madrid Football Club received the news of the death of our brother and member Mr. Matthew Daly,” said Kenrick Grant, the vice president of Mr. Daly’s team.

According to the BVIFA, Mr. Daly was extremely competitive and unafraid of calling attention to his abilities.

“Old Madrid Football club [expresses] our deepest condolences to the family and many friends of our brother Daly, and appeal to the public to give the police any assistance that can help to solve this horrific crime,” Mr. Grant said.

Mr. Daly’s death comes less than two weeks after George “Shawala” Burrows was shot dead at his home in Purcell Estate on Sept. 2 by an unknown assailant who fled on foot, police said.

In a Tuesday statement, Premier Andrew Fahie condemned the recent spate of violence, promising swift justice for those responsible.

“Persons engaging in any illegal activities will be sought after vigorously and brought to justice,” Mr. Fahie said, adding, “We will continue to ensure that law enforcement agencies get the resources necessary for executing their work. We will … strengthen the laws and make the penalties stiffer and uncompromising to deter anyone who thinks about or commits nefarious crimes.”

The premier implored residents to play their part in maintaining a safe and peaceful territory, and urged anyone with knowledge of the suspected killings to contact Detective Inspector Vernon Larocque at 368-9809 or the Major Crime Investigation Team at 368-5682.

“This is not the time, place and country for crime,” he said. “This is a place where there is BVI love.”