Delaino Johnney is the fourth person arrested in connection to a 259-kilogram cocaine seizure following a police operation at Brandywine Bay on Jan. 19, police said Friday.

The 25-year-old was arrested last Thursday and charged with possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply, according to a police press release.

Mr. Johnney is on remand at Her Majesty’s Prison, police stated Friday.
He appeared before Magistrates’ Court on Monday and is on remand until September, according to Police Information Officer Diane Drayton.

Police previously arrested Troy St. Helen, Shaun Massicott and Devon Bedford in connection with the seizure and charged them with possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply and being concerned with the supply of a controlled drug.

Mr. St. Helen was a police sergeant and Mr. Bedford was a government employee.

Mr. St. Helen was arrested on July 29 and granted bail in the sum of $200,000 with a $20,000 cash component and two sureties. Mr. Massicott was also arrested last month and received the same bail offer, police said at the time. The two are scheduled to return to Magistrates’ Court on Sept. 14.

Mr. Bedford was arrested in January and initially denied bail. During his hearing in Magistrates’ Court on Jan. 29, a prosecutor said police noticed a powerboat speeding towards a dock sometime after 4 a.m. in Brandywine Bay on Jan. 19.

Officers watched people bring items off the powerboat and onto the dock, then saw two cars exit the scene, according to the Crown.

The police trailed the cars, and later stopped one of them and saw Mr. Bedford run away, the prosecutor alleged. When police searched the car, they found five parcels of cocaine, he added.

Police also found a larger quantity of the drug in another vehicle, the press release stated, adding that a boat was seized during the operation as well.