BVI Chamber of Commerce Chairwoman Shaina Smith-Archer and North South Net International CEO Gary Duell launch the “Visit BVI” app during a ceremony at PRIME Restaurant. (Photo: Tremis Skeete)

A free smartphone application designed to help tourists navigate the territory’s attractions was launched this month through a partnership between the BVI Chamber of Commerce and the publisher of its official magazine.

“For many tourists, travel is not just about seeing a place: It’s about navigating the experience of being there,” Chamber Chairwoman Shaina Smith-Archer said Feb. 1 while launching the app at an annual advertisers’ celebration for VISIT British Virgin Islands magazine.

Also launched at the event was the 2024 edition of the magazine, which includes the app as a “value-added” bonus for VI-based advertisers, Ms. Smith Archer explained.

“The [BVICC’s] focus was the magazine being an informative tool for visitors and a way for tourism businesses to market themselves,” she said at the celebration, which was held at PRIME Restaurant in Road Town. “And now, the magazine shall also provide information on the app as part of their ad package.”

The app was conceived when the chamber reviewed its digital strategy and recognised the power of mobile devices, according to the chairwoman.

“When we looked at the hard-copy magazine itself and its objective to be an advertising platform for local businesses, we wanted to look at the types of digital tools and techniques we could employ in order to expand the product’s capabilities,” she said in an interview.


The app was developed through a partnership between the BVICC and North South Net International, the Miami-based content solutions provider that publishes the magazine.

“Thanks to the ‘Visit BVI’ app, tourists will have an easier time than ever getting around the British Virgin Islands,” North South CEO Garry Duell said at the event.

In an email interview later, he explained other uses of the app.

“Tourists, for example, will be able to look at menus of restaurants before they decide where to go, book reservations, and be able to look at what a particular shop may have to offer,” he wrote.

The app, which includes an online and an offline mode, will use Google Maps to help users locate destinations, he added.

“Tourists will also get details on activities such as chartering boats or taking tours,” he wrote. “Advertisers will also have ways for tourists to access their business websites as well.”

To be included Ms. Smith-Archer and Mr. Duell invited tourism-oriented businesses to get in touch with the chamber in order to be included in the app.

“This is an opportunity for local businesses to promote their products and services to visitors in a user-friendly way,” the chairwoman stated.

The app is available now at the Apple Store and on Google Play.