More than 98 percent of “active public officers” received their Sept. 30 salary last Friday, 13 days late, officials said.

“The few officers not paid [their Sept. 30 cheque] due to appointment terms have been addressed and will receive their salary arrears for [the] upcoming pay period,” according to Deputy Governor’s Office Information Officer Colene Penn. “Communication has been made with affected officers and their managers.”

However, many public officers also did not receive their midmonth payment at the start of this week as scheduled.

Ms. Penn said Wednesday that a statement would be forthcoming on the new delay.

First delay

The first delay was announced on Oct. 2, when Deputy Governor Rosalie Adams announced that Sept. 30 payments to public officers had been delayed to Oct. 9 because of “technical challenges.”

On Oct. 8, however, she said they had been delayed again, until last Friday.

“Public officers, as a result of reduced power to the Central Administration Complex, which could not fully sustain government’s server system, there will be a further delay in the processing of payroll for the end of September pay period,” she stated at the time.