Two weeks have passed since police confirmed that more than a dozen migrants were detained at Biras Creek in Virgin Gorda on April 10, but many questions remain.

Neither the Police Information Office nor the Immigration Department has confirmed the exact number of migrants found, their genders, their nationalities, or where they are currently being held. 

Police Information Officer Diane Drayton previously stated that the group is mostly Haitian and includes some children, but she said last week that police will not provide further information.

Geraldine Ritter-Freeman, the acting chief immigration officer, is on leave until May 1, and Assistant Chief Immigration Officer Rosemary Callwood declined to comment.

Although no new information has been obtained from government officials, BVI Red Cross Director Helen Frett said that the migrants are being detained at Her Majesty’s Prison.

Ms. Frett added that the non-profit is attempting to meet with the migrants this week, but has been unable to contact prison officials to arrange a time.

Her Majesty’s Prison Superintendent David Foot did not respond to requests this week for information.