Three men in hoodies dropped a bag of guns as they fled police near His Majesty’s Prison on Sept. 21, according to the Police Information Office.

No related arrests have been reported since then.

Officers on a routine patrol in the Lambert Estate area chased the three men after they observed them behaving suspiciously and heading in the direction of the prison, police said.

“Upon seeing the officers, the men fled on foot, and as a result a chase ensued, but they managed to evade the officers,” the PIO stated.

“During the chase, a bag was discarded by one of the suspects which revealed three firearms. One semi-automatic weapon and two pistols were recovered.”

HMP security

Shortly after the incident, online media reported that there was a lock-down at the prison.

Acting HMP Superintendent John Wilcox didn’t respond to a message about these reports.

On Sept. 27, however, the Governor’s Office responded to a Beacon query with a joint statement from Governor John Rankin and acting Health and Social Development Minister Dr. Karl Dawson.

On Sept. 21, they said, police informed HMP staff of a “security incident” near the prison.

“As a result of the incident, action was taken at the prison to further enhance security and to ensure the safety of both staff and prisoners,” the statement noted.

“We do not comment on specific security details. However, we can confirm that the security of the prison was not compromised in any way. Media reports of a prisoner being ‘let out’ of HMP Balsam Ghut are incorrect.”

Police are asking anyone with information about the three men to call 368-9339.