PRESS RELEASE — People of the Virgin Islands this is Governor Jaspert.   Whilst outside conditions look like they may be improving, I wish to inform you that we are still under a hurricane warning and the environment may still be impacted by the outer bands of hurricane Maria. {podcast id=6}

We were hoping to issue the all clear earlier today.   However, as we are still under hurricane warning this has not been possible.  We also have to allow for additional time for roads to be cleared satisfactorily from Pockwood Pond to the West End; Cappoons Bay, Carrot Bay, Brewers Bay and other western coastal shores and for conditions over the hills to be made more conducive for traffic to flow.

We wish to thank the emergency and essential workers who assisted in the road clearing efforts today and appeal for your continued support. 

Our initial rapid assessment has shown that the greatest impact to the territory was from storm surge.  There is also pooling of water and minimal flooding.

The Territory was spared the brunt of Hurricane Maria and we are thankful for this, but we are also mindful that there are others that did not fare so well, particularly, Dominica, the U.S Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you all during this time.

The curfew remains in effect from 6:00p.m. to 9:00a.m. daily to allow for recovery work to continue and the public is asked to fully cooperate.

Before I end, I want to assure you that law and order will be maintained.   Additional police and security forces were pre-deployed and are out in force.   In fact in the course of Police operations today, the Police have arrested eight persons on suspicion of looting.  They remain in custody awaiting court processes.

We continue to take a zero tolerance approach to crime and police will be actively protecting the public and property.

Let us continue to be resilient and united as we work together to rebuild the Virgin Islands.  

Thank you.