A ferry offered services from Road Town to Anegada on Monday morning, according to Governor Gus Jaspert.

“Seaports are open and ferry operations continue to be improved,” Mr. Jaspert explained in a statement on ZBVI radio today.

He did not say when the service might be repeated or give any other update on when other trips might be offered within this territory or between here and St. Thomas.

He also hinted at improvements in air travel without providing details.

“Progress is being made to return commercial flights to the territory, and I hope to have some good news on this in the coming days,” the governor said.

Some residents have booked flights through InterCaribbean and other airlines.

Additionally, Mr. Jaspert noted that Cabinet would be returning to its normal schedule of weekly meetings on Wednesday.

“This is a vital step in ensuring effective decisions are made quickly in support of the overall relief efforts,” he said.