Rafael Harrigan was charged with murder on Wednesday in the shooting death of Trumayne Daway, police reported.

Mr. Harrigan, 27, was originally only charged with unlawful possession of a firearm.

Two others — Vernon Bernard, 26, a native of Dominica, and Maybelline Rodriguez, 21, a native of the Dominican Republic — were also charged with Daway’s murder.

Mr. Bernard was given an additional charge of unlawful possession of a firearm.

All three suspects appeared before Magistrates’ Court on March 6 and were remanded. In court, prosecutors added that all three were charged with taking a conveyance as well.

During their appearance, Director of Public Prosecutions Kim Hollis outlined the Crown’s case against the defendants.

Ms. Rodriguez was used as the “honey trap” who “lured [Mr. Daway] to his death” in Brandywine Bay late on the night of Feb. 27, the DPP said.

The 21-year-old had allegedly been in the same car as Mr. Daway moments before he was gunned down by an AK-47.

Police officers later found 18 shell cases at the scene, Ms. Hollis said.

She added that in mid-February, Mr. Bernard told Ms. Rodriguez that the victim was blocking him from “getting his money.”

According to the prosecutor, Mr. Bernard sent Ms. Rodriguez a message on Feb. 16, writing: “my new baby.” He then sent a picture of an AK-47 with a bullet lying on the floor, the DPP said.

The photo was “clearly” taken at Mr. Harrigan’s home, Ms. Hollis added, because of a “distinctive” couch in the background and a white-tile floor.

When police arrested Mr. Harrigan at his residence on March 4, officers noticed the couch and a game console in the “exact same position” as in the photo, the court heard.