Consultations are under way as part of a review designed to assess and improve the territory’s primary health care system, according to government.

To carry out the exercise, the Ministry of Health and Social Development is partnering with the United Kingdom Health Security Agency.

In the coming weeks, the agencies will hold several meetings with stakeholders from the public and private health sectors as well as community groups involved in the field or affected by it, according to Government Information Services.

Work started virtually in December 2022, and a final report is expected by the end of July, GIS stated.

UKHSA — a UK government agency that replaced Public Health England in 2021 — is responsible for public health protection and infectious disease capability in the UK.


On Monday, Health and Social Development Minister Vincent Wheatley welcomed UKHSA consultants Dr. Gabrielle Woolf and Dr. Eleanor Turner-Moss to discuss the ongoing project.

While meeting with them, Mr. Wheatley stressed the importance of giving special consideration to the sister islands and their challenges, according to GIS.

The minister and his acting permanent secretary, Tasha Bertie, also reiterated the government’s commitment to improving healthcare, GIS stated.

Acting Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ronald Georges also attended the meetings.

“In particular, more innovative approaches are required for the delivery of services across both public and private sectors,” Dr. Georges said, adding, “More effective financing and organisation of that care are required with a focus on better health outcomes, and the project aims to identify the key themes and required strategies for a comprehensive plan to address these challenges.”