A team is currently collecting baseline data from primary school students in preparation for the launch of the Healthy Lifestyle School Intervention Programme, government announced.


Officials hope the programme — which is to be launched in grades two and three during the first week of October — will improve the health and academic performance of students by improving their diet and physical activity patterns.

The team of physical education teachers, nurses and public health officers plans to visit 15 schools to collect data from some 700 students, according to government.

They will measure weight, height, blood pressure, flexibility, endurance, strength, body composition and other data.

Ivy George, the coordinator for Health Promotion Services, said the information collected will be used to track trends and improve the programme’s effectiveness.

“The baseline data would also give us an opportunity to compare data from year to year to test the effectiveness of the programme and determine areas for improvement,” Ms. George said. “This is a lifelong programme. After five years we are hoping that the programme will be refined and fully integrated within the entire school system.”