The October Assizes are set to kick off Thursday with the retrial of Sherman Williams and Jevon Demming, who are accused of attempting to murder Virgin Gorda man Neil St. Rose.


Prosecutors allege that the two defendants attacked Mr. St. Rose outside of a VG bar on Sept. 31, 2012. Mr. Demming allegedly punched the man and made him fall to his knees before Mr. Williams put a pistol to his neck and shot him, according to prosecutors.

The trial is set to include testimony from six people, including the alleged victim, two other eyewitnesses, two police officers, and a doctor.

While the two were originally charged with attempted murder, the Crown added another charge against Mr. Williams on Tuesday during the opening of the assizes: possession of a firearm with intent to endanger a life.

Messrs. Williams and Demming are represented by defence attorneys Stephen Daniels and Patrick Thompson, respectively.

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