An H. Lavity Stoutt Community College initiative to certify students in the financial services

field may soon broaden its offerings after recently appointing a new faculty member, college officials said.

The March 1 appointment of Dr. Sandra Besson as deputy director of HLSCC’s Financial Services Institute will enable the college to certify more students in the financial services fields, HLSCC President Dr. Karl Dawson said yesterday.

Dr. Dawson said that previously with one instructor, FSI Director Andrew Burns, the college was unable to expand from the qualifications it presently offers. With Dr. Besson on board, HLSCC can consider offering another certification from an organisation such as the Institute for Legal Executives, which prepares students for legal careers.

The college is also working with the Central Law Training organisation in the United Kingdom to develop shorter professional development seminars online, Dr. Dawson said.

“Currently our focus is on people already in the industry and getting them credentialed and qualified. Hopefully this will allow us to turn more to younger graduates,” he said.

In addition to teaching at the institute, Dr. Besson will assist Mr. Burns with administrative duties and may teach modules as part of the Chartered Management Institute, a training programme for managers, Dr. Dawson said.

She will also teach additional classes at the college and assist the institute with community outreach to the financial services industry, according to a college press release.


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