The BVI Health Services Authority is preparing for an accreditation review scheduled for later this year, according to BVIHSA CEO Dr. Ronald Georges.

“We started our accreditation journey in 2016,” Dr. Georges said. “Right now we are finalising our policies, procedures and the environment to be ready for our assessment in September.”

The CEO said accreditation would improve the hospital’s professional standing and community image, potentially affecting financial reimbursement for services provided to patients, according to a statement from the authority.

In preparation for review, two consultants from the Pan American Health Organisation — Hugo Martinez, a bio-medical engineer; and Paula Agbowu, director of engineering at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Barbados — visited the Peebles Hospital from June 17-21 to assess the facility and to conduct system checks.

“We are reviewing the hospital to look at infrastructure, facilities equipment and to advise on any gaps that may keep the BVIHSA from achieving accreditation,” Ms. Agbowu said.

Based on early assessments of the facility, Ms. Agbowu said the hospital is well equipped but should strive to maintain standards and be consistent, according to the BVIHSA.

Following the assessment, the staff of the hospital’s Infrastructure Department was debriefed and given best practice recommendations and tips to assist with accreditation readiness.