Some inmates at Her Majesty’s Prison have been remanded in custody for as long as eight years, Health and Social Development Minister Carvin Malone said in the House of Assembly on July 31.

Prisoners on remand are typically held in custody before and during their trial if they have been refused bail or cannot meet bail conditions.

In response to questions from Opposition Leader Marlon Penn, Mr. Malone revealed that 41 people are currently remanded, including 25 inmates awaiting trial.

In two cases, remanded inmates have appealed their sentences.

The minister added that he would have to “obtain” information about the status of the other 14 people who are not awaiting trial or appealing their sentences.

The time in custody ranged from one month up to eight years, which he said was an “extreme” case. Most inmates on remand, he said, had been in custody for between two and five months.

“The judicial system has been affected from the 2017 [hurricanes] onwards and [that] has resulted in a number of these cases,” he said, but did not explain further.

He added that a full list of the 41 people on remand would be circulated to HOA members, but as of press time the document had not been made available to the public.

Mr. Malone did not disclose any other information, and Mr. Penn did not ask any other follow-up questions.