Inmates receive their certificates after the Skills of Life Programme. (Photo: GIS)

Thirteen inmates at His Majesty’s Prison recently received certificates for successfully completing the institution’s Skills of Life Programme.

The initiative aligned with the United Kingdom’s National Health Service curricula for addressing offending behaviour and included topics such as financial management, anger management, health and conflict resolution, according to Government Information Services. The eight-week programme required students to participate in classes, complete exercises, and engage in group and individual tasks.

Successful completion hinged on “exhibiting positive behaviour” throughout the course, according to government.

During a closing ceremony, Health and Social Development Minister Vincent Wheatley commended the prison’s rehabilitation efforts.

Mr. Wheatley, who shares responsibility for HMP with the governor, also pledged his support for expanding such programmes, highlighting collaborations with the Prison Visiting Committee and the Criminal Justice Advisory Group.

Prison Superintendent Jay Kendall outlined plans to expand the prison’s “rehabilitation team” with roles including a general counsellor, a drug counsellor, a restorative justice officer, and teachers.

Mr. Kendall also stressed the importance of behaviour programmes as a strategy to reduce risks and prevent recidivism, according to government.