The recent diplomatic spat between Jamaica and the United States over Jamaica’s refusal to accredit the same-sex partner of a US diplomat posted to the island highlighted the truly bizarre views on the issue of equal marriage in many Caribbean countries.

It is a long accepted diplomatic practice that the spouses of diplomats as recognised by their home countries (including those in polygamous relationships) are afforded diplomatic immunity in their host country. This has nothing to do with disrespecting local laws, and everything to do with recognising internationally agreed norms.

However, Jamaica was willing to buck this established convention and create an international incident for one reason: to appease the island’s right-wing extremists. To these self-righteous zealots, loving adults in a committed relationship are the greatest threat to civilisation as we know it. They of course ignore the fact that corporate greed is literally cooking creation and fomenting a hell on earth that threatens the imminent drowning and decimation of small island states.

One wonders when these Bible-thumping bigots will quit policing private bedrooms and focus on demanding accountability in the boardroom where actual decisions that affect humanity’s survival are made.



Mr. Tomlinson is a Jamaican attorney, registered practical nurse, and LGBTQ+ advisor with the HIV Legal Network, an organisation working to eliminate barriers to the Caribbean’s HIV response.