The one clear and straightforward route to Virgin Islands independence is through a referendum. So why are the “elites” shirking from a referendum and yet pontificating on the subject of self-rule and independence without cease?

If the people want independence from the United Kingdom at this time, which this writer doubts, bring on a referendum and see where the matter sits with the wider public.

Now, a referendum may or may not bring about the result desired by those who may want this, that, or the other. However, a referendum can bring about finality in a matter.

Unfortunately, the two most recent referendums in the UK — on Scottish independence and on Brexit — have far from concluded those hugely important matters.

They have, however, done two major favors for the UK. The referendums placed a lid on two boiling matters for the present, and they have served as a very conclusive opinion poll on the two issues.

It would be the same for the VI, notwithstanding how the referendum turns out.

The cost of a referendum will be worth it for the simple fact it will close the door for now on the matter of independence. It will reveal where the voting public stands on the matter.

Matters such as self-rule and independence are so critically important that a narrow group of elites — with their even narrower interests — cannot decide them.

The best route to crucial events of the future of any country lies with the people themselves through a referendum, and not by the dictates of the elite.



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