As a woman in politics, I have been listening intently to the recent discussion about women leaders and the merits of an all-female Cabinet. I believe in life there should be balance, and the House of Assembly and the Cabinet, where life-changing decisions are made, are not exempted from this. If women make up 50 percent of our population, then our leadership ranks should represent this fact.

However, going from an all-male to an all-female scenario is still an extreme and subject to the same flawed thinking that one gender can adequately represent the views of the other.

Women have a unique perspective and that diversity in thinking is what brings the best ideas to the table when everyone is seated.

How do we bring about this balance? Let’s start with women being intentionally groomed and recruited as assets for a team rather than viewed as an addendum to attract the women’s vote.

I would love to see many female premiers or prime ministers of the Virgin Islands before I close my eyes on this earth, and I commit to doing my part by encouraging more women to be leaders in not only politics, but also in business and community service organisations. We also need to mentor our young women and teach them leadership skills so that they are prepared when their turn comes.

And if for no other reason, the Bible says that Eve was created to support Adam, so we are here to complement, not compete, as we build a better VI for future generations. Ecclesiastes 4:9 states, “Two people are better off than one, for they help each other succeed.” My sisters (and brothers), can I get an amen? Amen!