From the subtle to the downright obvious, I wonder if we are in time to stop the rot? I believe our legislators, civil servants, contractors and so on don’t see anything wrong with the ways they have been doing business.

The more we see and hear, the more disturbing it appears that we were being set up for some massive series of events.

Things become clearer. The bodyguards. The merging of ports and airports (did we see that coming?) The refusal of the Royal Navy’s help in protecting our borders during the pandemic.

The granting of three years’ salary to House of Assembly members who lose their jobs, effectively “because they are poor, have no other income, and have not been able to work whilst in government.”

Oh yeah! Why do they get new vehicles every time? I note the outgoing speaker said he was handing back his car and phone. I wonder if others do? Why do they get a housing allowance for living in their own house? Why does at least one former legislator get a free car and driver provided by government?

Why did the BVI Tourist Board travel overseas by first class all those years? How come the public in general did not know anything about the Sea Cows Bay harbour project?

Why does government pay connected people huge amounts in rent and then have to spend even more before it can occupy buildings? Why hasn’t the House of Assembly building been made habitable so government can move back? Ditto the Ralph T. O’Neal Administration Building?


Courts, medical

One hesitates to call into question our criminal courts, but when you consider the length of time some cases hang about, and then the disparity in sentencing, one wonders.

Isn’t the medical profession questionable when, by what appears to be a colluded effort, they raise fees by about 300 percent the day National Health Insurance comes into effect.

And what about those employers who collect money from staff wages and do not pass it along, with their contribution, to government? There never seems to be any retribution. Environmental tax? Money transfer tax?

But enough! Commissioner of Inquiry Sir Gary Hickinbottom seemed to get the message.