This open letter to the government is from representatives of multiple businesses in Great Harbour, Jost Van Dyke: Tessa Callwood (Foxy’s Tamarind Bar); Wayson Hatchett and Urinthia Lewis (Ali Baba’s Bar & Restaurant); Allen Callwood and Beryl Hodge (A&B Bar and Restaurant); John and Rose Chinnery (Cool Breeze Sports Bar & Restaurant); Merrill Lettsome (Pinky’s Delight); Oomadai Singh (Tipsy Shark); Vinnie Terranova (Corsairs Beach Bar & Restaurant); and Colin Aldridge (Jost Van Dyke Scuba).


After observing the crowded scene at the ferry dock in Dog Hole on Jost Van Dyke on most days, we feel it is necessary to make a strong suggestion to the various concerned authorities, as well as the entire government: We are united in requesting that the government dock in front of the Albert Chinnery Administration Building be prepared and made available to receive visiting day boats from the United States Virgin Islands. This arrangement would allow passengers to clear customs and immigration in a timelier manner and eliminate the crowded conditions currently being experienced at the ferry dock in Dog Hole.

We all agree that some of the congestion at Dog Hole can be relieved if the dock is kept solely for the purposes of serving the local ferry, serving larger commercial boats, and landing cruise ship passengers. The smaller dock in town should be used for smaller boats arriving from US destinations.
For this to happen, we need the in-town dock to be repaired and outfitted with the proper cleats and for local fishing boats to use this dock for pick-up and drop-off only.
Another strong suggestion is for government to rebuild the dock in front of the burial ground for the exclusive use of fishers.


We feel that these actions would also revitalise Great Harbour. Additionally, we suggest that government allow passengers on day-charter boats ashore to wander Great Harbour while their captains, who hold all their passports, clear customs and immigration. This is our preferred option in lieu of keeping people on the boats in the hot sun for sometimes upwards of an hour or more at the Dog Hole dock area. After all, they have paid highly to have the privilege of enjoying our beautiful environment and renowned hospitality.
We are entreating government — including the agencies responsible for ports, customs, immigration, tourism and related areas — to enable the office at the Albert Chinnery Building and the in-town dock to be utilised as before, to perform this much-needed service and to enliven our Great Harbour area during daytime hours as it has always been in the past.