It has taken government ministers 70 years to realise they need help, and thus to decide to hire “ministerial political advisers.” This in effect will almost double the size of the ruling side. Are they to be Virgin Islanders, or can they be expatriates? Will they need offices? I thought permanent secretaries fulfilled this role?

The job will be a thankless task in the Virgin Islands. If they give wrong advice that makes their minister look bad, an adviser can be sacked summarily, unlike a permanent secretary, I would think.

Does United Kingdom political strategist Dominic Cummins come to mind? He was UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s senior adviser and was eventually sacked, allegedly because Mr. Johnson’s wife didn’t like him. He later gave an interview where he said Mr. Johnson was useless and didn’t have a clue how to govern. Now, we wouldn’t want that here, would we? And various White House aides?

Who will the ministers choose? Who can they choose that has political savvy enough for the role? Will they be privy to all their ministers’ shenanigans? Or will they be kept in the dark? We won’t know in the future whether a minister is using their own head or is influenced by their adviser.

Of course, being the VI, our honourable members are so sure of themselves they are likely to ignore any advice. I wonder whose idea this is? And the premier needs three?

The Commission of Inquiry isn’t done yet, but already it is having an effect.