Okay, at the root of the need for a Commission of Inquiry and all the present woes that threaten this small territory is the simple reality that the Virgin Islands is threatened by an increasingly amoral riptide that is driving crime, corporate greed and poor ethics in the private and public space.

Is there hope that this unethical and dishonest subculture of the past two decades will be reversed? This writer believes that this will happen only when there are consequences for bad behaviour.

Presently, history reveals that there are no consequences for bad behaviour for the “big shots” in the Virgin Islands. It is rare that a high official is charged for criminal misconduct. On the other side of the scale, Joe Average cannot get away with what Julius Caesar can get away with. That is simple reality.

Now. Public corruption; official graft; drug, gun and gang crime; weakening family ties; the disappearance of the village community — these behaviours threaten to destroy Virgin Islands culture and community.

And the Commission of Inquiry is simply the result of a disturbing amoral trend that is evidenced at the lower end by increasingly illegitimate behaviours such as illegal scooters and vehicles, sexual crimes against minors, theft, burglary, assault and drug dealing. On the higher end of the social ladder, there is conflict of interest, unethical practices, and white-collar crime.


‘Love for money’

However, at the root of crime, poor ethics, and corruption, whether here in the VI or elsewhere, is neither poor policing nor poor political and social leadership: It is the love for money that drives immorality, especially greed.

If one aspect of Christian theology rings true, it is the fact that the love of money is at the root of all evil: not money, but the love of money. And when one assesses illegality and illegitimacy in any society, at source is the love for “Mammon.”

The preceding assertion is at the root of what is taking place in the VI today. Greed and envy are the drivers of present VI crime, and the new immorality stems from the love of money, especially obtaining money without hard work and sacrifice.

The wholesome culture, morals and values of yesteryear are swiftly disappearing.

The days of a moral, honest, pleasant, respectful and slow-paced community are long gone.

The present generation at core is singularly interested in a crude Americana, with its love for fast cars, fast boats, promiscuous women, night clubs and the quick buck.


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