The polls are officially closed and counting will begin soon.


Beacon reporters will be posted at polling stations throughout the night as the numbers roll in.

Among the territory’s most closely watched districts are the Second and Ninth, where constituents are guaranteed a new representative, and Virgin Islands Party stronghold districts one and three.

After district ballots are counted at each polling station, the action will move to the Sir Rupert Briercliffe Hall, where the at-large ballots will be tallied.

All told, 42 people ran in the election: 16 at-large candidates and 26 contenders for the territory’s nine electoral districts. They are as follows:




Rawle Hannibal

Dancia Penn


National Democratic Party

Archie Christian

Ronnie Skelton

Dr. Orlando Smith

Myron Walwyn


People’s Empowerment Party

Alvin Christopher

Lorie Rymer

Natalio “Sowande” Wheatley


People’s Progressive Coalition

Ishmael Brathwaite

Edmund Maduro

Khoy Smith


Virgin Islands Party

Sharie De Castro

Dr. Karl Dawson

Irene Penn-O’Neal

Charmaine Rosan-Bunbury



District One

Andrew Fahie, VIP

Shaina Smith, NDP

Preston Stoutt, Ind

District Two

Elford Parsons, PEP

Rajah Smith, VIP

Melvin “Mitch” Turnbull, NDP

District Three

Julian Fraser, VIP

Kevin Smith, NDP

District Four

JoAnn “Roxie” Romney, VIP

Mark Vanterpool, NDP

District Five

Shabazz Abdul, Ind

Delores Christopher, NDP

Zoe Walcott-McMillan, VIP

District Six

Elvis “Juggy” Harrigan, VIP

Dion Jennings, Ind

Alvera Maduro-Caines, NDP

District Seven

Oleanvine Pickering-Maynard, VIP

Dr. Kedrick Pickering, NDP

District Eight

Marlon Penn, NDP

McLoyd Walters, VIP

District Nine

Stephanie Faulkner-Williams, Ind

Dr. Hubert O’Neal, NDP

Faye Reese-Charles, PEP

Elton Sprauve, VIP

Vernon Vanterpool, Ind

Albert Wheatley, Ind