Last Thursday evening, police and prison guards apprehended a prison inmate within a half hour of his escape, officials said.

Tyrone George, who is held in Her Majesty’s Prison on burglary charges and was not seriously injured during the incident, assaulted an officer and forced his way through the front gate of the Balsam Ghut facility, officials said.

“This is considered a lower risk inmate, which is why he was housed at the front of the facility,” explained acting Deputy Superintendent Mario Christopher. “It is quite unusual for lower risk individuals to attempt such things. We are exploring psychiatric evaluation of the inmate because it’s out of character.”

The attempted escape took place shortly before sunset, Mr. Christopher said.

East End police were contacted, and within half an hour the inmate was apprehended and returned to the prison, where he underwent medical examination before being locked back into his cell, Mr. Christopher said.

During the assault, the deputy added, the prison officer’s right hand was injured. Though he didn’t have to be hospitalised, he was in a great deal of pain at the time and after the incident, according to Mr. Christopher.

The inmate received some lacerations to his feet and legs from running through the brush during his escape, the deputy said. Of the 12 officers who helped in the chase, no others were injured, he noted.

In line with the prison escape contingency plan, a mandatory headcount was conducted and all remaining prisoners were present and accounted for, Mr. Christopher said.

“A perimeter check was conducted to ensure no additional breaches in security,” he added. “Everything was found to be in order.”

In a later press release, Mr. Christopher stated that training will continue for every prison officer, and the security at HMP will be improved to help prevent such situations in the future.