Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste-DaBreo chastised prosecutors this week for “not doing their job” of presenting evidence for a matter that has been ongoing since October 2017.

As of May 14, the Crown had not produced police statements from the incident.

“It is unfair that you have a matter in court and you’re saying to me you don’t have police statements,” Mr. Baptiste-DaBreo told Crown Counsel Regina Naughton.

Ms. Naughton told the magistrate that the Crown was “trying,” but she didn’t elaborate further.

Shomari Jahmeed Chinnery, Dwayne Donovan, and Rubbie Pickering appeared before Ms. Baptiste-DaBreo in Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday after being charged and granted bail since Oct. 3, 2017.

Police arrested the three after allegedly finding $33,850 in cash and 455 grams of marijuana, the court heard.

They were charged with possession of a controlled drug, possession of a controlled drug with intent to sell, and possession of the proceeds of criminal conduct.

Defence attorney Patrick Thompson asked the magistrate to drop the case that he said has been “over their heads” for a long time.

Ms. Baptiste-DaBreo heard his request and addressed the prosecution, saying, “If you don’t have evidence to prosecute, I don’t like having it thrown on the court instead of you doing what you are supposed to do.”

She added that she expects the Crown to present a case when the trial returns to Magistrates’ Court on July 10.