Kenai Jacobs, of Long Look, was denied bail during his appearance in Magistrates’ Court last Thursday, when he was charged with attempted murder and possession of a firearm.

A shooting victim allegedly identified Mr. Jacobs as the shooter, according to Crown Counsel Nick Saunders.

The victim was sitting outside of his home around 10:30 p.m. April 15 and listening to music on his headphones when he saw Mr. Jacobs walk up the road, the prosecutor said. Though Mr. Jacobs was wearing a hoodie, the victim didn’t find it strange since it was going to rain that night, Mr. Saunders added. The accused man returned and stood close to the victim before shooting him in the upper chest, according to the Crown.

From his hospital bed, the victim told the police that he re- membered what the accused was wearing and that he was able to see Mr. Jacobs’ face in the well-lit road, the court heard. The victim said he’d known Mr. Jacobs and his family for several years, Mr. Saunders said.

Though the gun that wounded the victim has not been found, a hoodie matching the description the victim gave police was found in the accused’s home, according to the Crown.

Including the seriousness of the allegations and the circumstantial evidence, other factors that Mr. Saunders brought to Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste DaBreo’s attention swayed her decision to deny bail.

These included the possibility that the accused could flee the islands as a United States citizen, and the status of the victim, who has been in critical condition at Peeble’s Hospital.

Mr. Jacobs, who was not represented, defended himself in court, saying he doesn’t own a firearm and had no reason to shoot the victim, whose identity has not been made public. He claimed that there are witnesses he could call who would defend his alibi.

Mr. Jacobs was ordered to return to Magistrates’ Court on May 23.