Police officers were executing a search warrant on Wilston Stoutt’s property on May 18, 2017 when they noticed marijuana plants growing in his yard, Crown Counsel Kael London alleged in Magistrates’ Court last Thursday.

Police recovered and photographed the plants, which amounted to about 20 grams of the drug, Mr. London said.

During the raid, Mr. Stoutt admitted that the plants were his and said he used them to make tea, according to the prosecutor.

He was later charged with cultivation of cannabis, and last Thursday he was sentenced to pay a $1,000 fine by Monday or serve two months in prison.

In her sentencing, Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste-DaBreo took Mr. Stoutt’s early guilty plea and other factors into account.

“Based on the facts of this case, I do not feel that imprisonment” is necessary, Ms. Baptiste-DaBreo said.

While questioning Mr. Stoutt, she asked him about his family structure, and Mr. Stoutt, who was not represented by an attorney, responded that he has several adult children and four grandchildren.

“Do you spoil your grandchildren?” Ms. Baptiste-DaBreo asked.

“Of course,” Mr. Stoutt said.

He did not provide any defence and admitted to all charges.