A High Court jury found yesterday that a 21-year-old man accused of wounding another man with a machete was not guilty.

Basil Prescott, a Brandywine Bay resident, was charged with being armed with an offensive weapon and wounding with intent.

Mr. Prescott pleaded not guilty to both charges in a trial that began before Justice Rita Joseph-Olivetti on March 14.

Crown Counsel Jude Hanley had alleged that Mr. Prescott went after Loren Walwyn with a machete on Aug. 25, 2011 after the men’s girlfriends got in “an altercation.” Ms. Hanley said Mr. Prescott then went to the Sandbox Road area to attack Mr. Walwyn.

“You will hear that Mr. Walwyn received injuries as a result of being hit by the machete,” she added.

During the weeklong trial, jurors heard from Mr. Walwyn, several police officers, and Mr. Prescott himself.

On Tuesday while being examined by his attorney Patrick Thompson, Mr. Prescott denied witness accounts that he attacked Mr. Walwyn.

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