Shakeel Pondt, 31, was given almost 10 years in prison on Monday after being found in possession of cocaine, marijuana, three guns and 99 rounds of ammunition.

Mr. Pondt originally pleaded guilty to all drug and firearm-related charges against him in early December.

This week when he reappeared at the Road Town Police Station, Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste DaBreo stressed that she would not be lenient in sentencing merely because Mr. Pondt has two young children.

“Spare the rod and spoil the child,” Ms. Baptiste DaBreo said, paraphrasing a quote from the Bible.

Last month, Mr. Pondt’s lawyer, Akilah Anderson, argued that her client had merely found the unlicensed guns. But on Monday, Ms. Baptiste DaBreo explained that this argument was diminished by the fact Mr. Pondt also said he kept the guns for protection.

For the firearm charges, Mr. Pondt was given seven years in prison (the result of three concurrent sentences for each of the three unlicensed weapons), as well as a $500 fine and six months for the explosives, or two additional months if not paid.

In total, his prison sentence is nine years and eight months.

For the charge of possession of 277 grams of cannabis, Mr. Pondt was given a fine of roughly $9,000, or six months in prison if unpaid by July 15. He was given eight months in prison for intent to supply that drug.

For possession of 3.34 kilograms of cocaine, Mr. Pondt was given 12 months in prison, and 32 months for intent to supply that drug.

All of the drug charges will run concurrently, or at the same time.