A man sustained gunshot wounds in a shooting at Long Bush on the night of Feb. 18, police said. He was rushed to the Dr. D. Orlando Smith Hospital for treatment, and in several Facebook posts his relatives appealed to the public to donate blood to aid his recovery.

The shooting led to a call by Police Commissioner Mark Collins for the public’s help in ending the rise in violence marked by recent spate of firearm incidents around the territory, according to the Police Information Office.

“In less than a month, we have seen two murders and Saturday night’s near fatality, along with a number of other firearm related incidents,” Mr. Collins said after the incident.

“The risk of injury or death to innocent bystanders is very high. Our community deserves to feel and be safe. We need all who are either party to these actions or participating themselves to refrain from any more bloodshed. Please consider the consequences of decisions made in the heat of the moment. Help us to restore calm.” Mr. Collins said his officers are committed to identifying offenders, but he noted that they cannot do so alone.

“I urge anyone who has any information on Saturday night’s shooting or other recent incidents to come forward,” he said.

 Shooting deaths

Last week, police announced that Greenland resident Hasani Frett had been charged with the murder of an unidentified man who succumbed to gunshot wounds following a shooting near the House of Assembly building in Road Town early on Feb. 12.

Mr. Frett was charged with murder, inflicting grievous bodily harm, and possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life, according to the Police Information Office. Police still have not identified the deceased. A female also sustained gunshot wounds at a separate location early on the morning of Feb. 12, police said, adding the same day that the “two incidents have not been linked so far.”

On Feb. 6, 42-year-old Yan Edwards, who was facing a murder charge for a 2011 killing, succumbed to gunshot wounds he sustained in a shooting at Parham Town in East End. Mr. Edwards, of Long Look, was seated outside a “business establishment” at around 6 p.m. when he was shot, and he was later pronounced dead at the scene, according to police, who did not name the business. No one else was injured in the incident, police said.

$20k reward

The National Security Council, which held an emergency meeting on Feb. 13, announced that it had greenlighted a proposal to offer a $20,000 reward for information leading to the successful prosecution of the perpetrators of the two most recent fatal shootings.