Oleanvine Maynard will likely testify against former premier Andrew Fahie during his January trial on drug-smuggling conspiracy charges in a Miami federal court, recent court filings suggest.

Ms. Maynard, the former managing director of the BVI Ports Authority, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to import cocaine into the United States in June after initially contesting the charges against her.

She is set to be sentenced on Jan. 18 by Judge Kathleen Williams, the same judge who is scheduled to preside over Mr. Fahie’s trial starting at 9 a.m. on Jan. 8.

A witness list filed Monday in preparation for Mr. Fahie’s trial lists Ms. Maynard as the first witness and the only non-law enforcement witness set to testify for the prosecution.

Three US Drug Enforcement Agency officials – Jossue Dominguez, Shad Aschleman and Brian Witek – are also set to testify, as are two US Customs and Border Protection officials: Jon Adams and William Cortes.

Also unveiled Monday was the prosecution’s 40-item exhibit list. It includes numerous recordings and transcripts of conversations and meetings as well as call logs, video surveillance, and other documentation.

Initial arrest

Mr. Fahie and Ms. Maynard were arrested in Miami in April 2022 after an undercover DEA operation months in the making. Starting around Oct. 16, 2021, on Tortola, a DEA source reportedly met several times with a group of “self-proclaimed Lebanese Hezbollah operatives” who claimed business ties to south Florida and the Middle East, according to the criminal complaint against Mr. Fahie.

The DEA source allegedly asked the group to help facilitate the use of Tortola as a “temporary storage port” for cocaine transported from Colombia to the US via boat and suggested that future efforts would also involve money laundering, US prosecutors alleged.

The Tortola group, whose members haven’t been named publicly, then reportedly facilitated meetings between the DEA source and Ms. Maynard.

The source also reportedly met with Kadeem Maynard, Ms. Maynard’s son, who was sentenced last month to a term of 57 months in US prison for his role in the alleged conspiracy.

Unlike his mother, Mr. Maynard is not listed as a witness for the prosecution in Mr. Fahie’s case.

‘Factual proffer’

Ms. Maynard signed a “factual proffer” with US prosecutors in June, which detailed her role in the alleged scheme.

“During various meetings between the [confidential source], Kadeem, Fahie, and the defendant, the defendants agreed to allow the CS to port vessels containing 3,000-kilogram loads of cocaine in Tortola for 24-48 hours until the cocaine could be shipped to Puerto Rico en route to the United States,” the proffer states.

Holiday visit

In a separate matter on Tuesday, Judge Williams signed off on a slight modification to Mr. Fahie’s bail conditions.

The court approval means that Mr. Fahie’s wife, Sheila Fahie, will not have to surrender her passport to US authorities during a three-week trip to Miami over the coming holiday season leading up to his trial date.

“Taking possession of Mrs. Fahie’s travel documents consumes several hours of the undersigned’s time owing to the fact that it must be retrieved personally,” Mr. Fahie’s attorney wrote in the request.

“Commercially available services are not viable given the nature of the documents and the need to maintain custody pursuant to the terms of the bond condition.”