The Ministry of Health and Social Development has spent nearly $100 million on hospital development since 1998, said Ronnie Skelton, minister of health and social development, during House of Assembly Monday.

Mr. Skelton had been asked by Andrew Fahie (R-D1) how much money had been spent on the hospital project “including all soft and hard costs, which include, but are not limited to, consultancy, technical advice, project management, construction, etcetera.”

“The expenditures recorded by my ministry date as far back as 1998, over some 14 years, and reflect a total of $99,440,581.35,” Mr. Skelton responded. He said this number includes work on the Peebles Hospital extension and pre-construction and related works on the new hospital.

“It should be noted that other associated expenditures may have been incurred in other ministries that were involved in this project at varying points in time,” Mr. Skelton added.

Of the $99.4 million, about $83 million went to construction; $7.1 million to design fees and construction administration; $191,205 to technical advice; $3.4 million to project management and quantity surveying; and about $3.9 million for “other consumables,” Mr. Skelton said.

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