In the interest of teacher retention, student achievement, and the overall success of the territory’s schools, a cohort of school administrators are participating in leadership training, according to Education, Youth Affairs and Sports Minister Sharie de Castro.

Lavity Stoutt Community College is partnering with her ministry to host the programme, which started on Jan. 18.

Ms. de Castro said four new principals and vice principals are taking part, along with 30 aspiring principals.

“Worldwide, regional and local data corroborates that thriving schools are led by visionary, transformational leaders who are innovative and driven to ensure that their students are exposed to engaging and effective learning opportunities,” Ms. de Castro said last Thursday in the House of Assembly.

The programme focuses on how to lead innovation, develop emotional intelligence, and support teachers, among other goals, she said.

Part of their training includes collaborating with leaders at school campuses to “develop initiatives and programmes and to address some of our schools’ most pressing needs,” she added.