A 42-year-old man facing a murder charge for a 2011 killing succumbed to gunshot wounds he sustained in a shooting at Parham Town in East End on Monday, police said.

Yan Edwards, of Long Look, was seated outside a “business establishment” at around 6 p.m. when he was shot, and he was later pronounced dead at the scene, according to police, who did not name the business. No one else was injured, police said.

2011 killing

In 2011, Mr. Edwards was one of two men jointly charged with the murder of Keri Harrigan, who was shot four times on March 16, 2011, police reported at the time.

About two years later, a jury found both men guilty of Mr. Harrigan’s murder, and they were sentenced to life in prison with no eligibility for parole. But in 2018, the Court of Appeal overturned the conviction, setting aside their sentences and ordering a retrial.

Another trial began in November 2020 but was not completed due to a mid-trial ruling relating to a request for the disclosure of information pertaining to Crown witnesses involved in the Justice Protection Act programme, according to a judgment posted on the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court website.

The prosecution appealed the ruling of the trial judge, and the trial itself was therefore suspended before its completion, the judgment stated.

As the matter has played out in recent years, Mr. Edwards was denied bail at least twice, but he received bail last October, according to the Police Information Office.

Freeman Rogers contributed reporting.